About Us

Our Mission Statement
Our Core Values
What do we do at "Kancour Services" ?
Why "Kancour Services" ?


To be the premier provider of end-to-end services to our customers on a global basis and to conduct ourselves and our business with excellence, diligence and integrity.


  • We are customer driven.
  • We listen and respond with a sense of urgency to matters related to our customers.
  • We maintain transparency in every transaction, to ensure mutually beneficial relationship with our customers.
  • We provide services of the highest possible standard and constantly thrive to exceed our customer's expectations.
  • Maintaining quality, safety and reliability is our foremost priority.
  • We are honest in our dealings.
  • We value our employees and their contribution to success.

What We Do

We go far beyond just helping businesses move products.

We manage relationships with carriers so our customers don't have to. Because we don't own equipment, we seek out the mode that provides the greatest efficiencies while meeting the customer's service needs.

As a third-party logistics (3PL) company, we offer our customers a wide range of customized global transportation, logistics and supply chain management solutions. Our relationships with truck, rail, ocean, and air carriers mean more equipment options and greater flexibility to bring freight to the market.

Blending deep expertise in both retail operations and product logistics management, our services combine people, technology systems and logistics methodology to help our customers make the most of their existing distribution operations. Our experts manage transportation and distribution needs with maximum supply chain efficiency.

Reasons for Choosing "Kancour"

Our People

We hire people with high creativity, flexibility, and customer service skills. Our employees are experts in many industries. They have the technology and expertise to solve logistics challenges and move products from origin to destination, anywhere in the world, door to door.

Our Approach

We don't own equipment. Our non-asset-based approach allows us to change with market conditions. That means our logistics managers are free to evaluate your requirements, including service and cost expectations, then suggest the best multimodal options to help you achieve your objectives.

Since we don't rely on a single carrier, we have great flexibility when solving freight related issues. Our industry expertise makes it possible to track trends and foresee when capacity will be a problem at all times.

Our Vision
Kancour's Future Vision

A world-class organization recognized as the leader in providing sustainable and ethical transport solutions
Our achievements come from the following fundamental values, which are at the foundation of who we are:


Being honest with ourselves and others; honoring our words and commitments.


Being accountable for our words, actions and decisions. Responsible not just for ourselves but for our colleagues, our customers and for the success of Kancour's .

Our environment is:

  • Dynamic :- Recognising, developing and unleashing the potential of every one's similarities and differences in service of Kancour's objectives.
  • Creative :- A climate of innovation providing a sense of confidence and a new way of approaching problems that encourages people to be motivated, take initiative and make things happen; generating possibilities free from the constraints of the past.
  • Vital :- A vibrant atmosphere where a people can make friends, find support and have fun whilst achieving new levels of performance.
  • Nurturing :- Where people at every level are motivated to think and operate as leaders rather than merely carrying out their assigned accountabilities.
  • Contributing :- A place where people are listening within the context of serving others creating new opportunities for the future.
  • Fulfilling :- Where everyone has the opportunity to fulfill their personal potential within the objectives of the organisation.
  • Conscious :- Aware of the effect we have on the environment and the contribution we can make to our communities